Make Space Kayenta

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"Make Space" int he Kayenta Art Village.
Classes are from 10am - 1pm

LINK to Make Space

February 14: Paint, Print, & Play on Fabric


Students will use paints to create or recreate unique fabrics.  Along the way they will use basic art concepts including color schemes, contrast, pattern, texture, and value.  Using a selection of fabrics, paints, stamps, monoprint plates, and other techniques; students will play with creating their own unique fabrics in a fun filled three hour workshop. SOLD OUT

February 21: Abstracts in Fabric

This is a follow up class where students will use their painted and printed fabrics in an abstract composition. In this class students will arrange shapes, textures, and color in a pleasing composition by using three basic design principles: Contrast, Movement, and Balance. Using scissors and rotary cutters; these fabrics will make a dynamic abstract that can be presented as a wall hanging, stretched on canvas, or framed. This three hour workshop will be only the beginning of your journey into using fabric as a primary art medium.