Predator – 46×35 / For Sale $800

A friend once purchased a beautiful townhome. It looked out over the blue waters of the ocean. She could walk a few steps off her patio to one of two pools or wander down to the beach. It looked like paradise on a Facebook feed. 

After a few months she became frustrated.  During a phone call she described feeling lonely and entertained the idea of selling out.  Despite going to college, being divorced, and having grown children has never been truly comfortable on her own.  She was paying the price of not embracing independence. 

I crave being alone. If I were in her position I would start my new life avoiding getting to know people. Everyday I would be creating my little routine that keeps me steady without the need for outside help. This may be the artist’s personality.

 An artist is not usually the high school class president, loves to be an ideal volunteer in a club or spend time serving on committees.  Most of my creative friends seek out the company of like minded spirits who get together to let loose,share ideas,  but then have the good sense to give each other their space. 

So if you are like me, enjoy that time alone. It’s fuel for a creative spirit.