All lectures are from 60 - 90 minutes to allow for questions

Lessons from an Art Teacher
In Person or Virtual
After retiring from career in teaching art in a public school setting, I will share with the audience the fundamentals of art and design. These concepts apply to any material or medium of art, including quilts. The audience will see how I select color, use value, create contrast, establish a focal point, a visual pathway, and many more ways that I work to create engaging compositions in fabric.

I will be sharing my portfolio of art quilts as I talk about the decisions I made that helped create a successful art quilt.

The Art Cycle
In Person or Virtual
During lockdown I found myself struggling with gathering creative energy. It was during a few days of cleaning out closets that found a book on how to set up an art studio in a classroom setting to keep students engaged. That find, helped me establish routines that have increased my creative production. Some of the tricks I'll share include creating a daily routine to get your right brain going.

Embracing those mistakes or miss fire projects. Increasing your skill set. Come along on my journey through a year of figuring out new ways of staying creative.

From Photo 2 Fabric
In Person with Demo

The number I question I get asked is "How do you do that?" In this lecture I will demonstrate how I take a photograph, manipulate it with digital tools, resize the image, and send to a commercial printer. Audience members are encourage to take notes and to ask questions.

If your group would like to print their own fabric using Spoonflower but the process seems too complicated; I am here to tell you it's not.  I am here to help!

Paint that Fabric
In Person with Demo

I did not know much about quilting when I started making textile art. As a painter I began reaching for my studio supplies to fix a color on fabric. I gradually began to use fine art materials over the surface of my whole cloth art quilts using the skills I learned as a painter. Gradually I added stamps, rubbings, and other printmaking techniques.

In order to successfully quilt through paint, I had to find a way to layer color without creating a stiff layer of paint that would be problematic to quilt. During this lecture I will demonstrate how I paint on fabric.