I will create a textile wall hanging just for you!

Vintage Portraits

Cell Phone Pictures

Family Album Images

Favorite Places


- Process and Fee Structure:

  • Contact me to start the commission process
    (Contact form is on the web page or email me directly at
  • I will request a jpeg file from you along with a design fee of $100
  • I will send three design options in a digital file.
    (These will be yours if you decide to not to go further.)
  • After selecting a design, decide on a finished size. I will charge $1 per square inch for a finished piece.
    ( Example: 24 x 36 = $864)
  • I will credit the design fee when final payment is made.
  • Cost of shipping and hanging rod are included.

Commissions, once accepted;  will take approximately 6 - 10  weeks.